Possible on-the-spot fines for juveniles

Juvenile offenders could face on-the-spot fines for antisocial
behaviour, home secretary David Blunkett said last week.

Since a pilot scheme was introduced in August, adult offenders in
the West Midlands, Essex, Croydon, and parts of north Wales have
faced on-the-spot fines of £40 for offences such as being
drunk and disorderly or wilful obstruction, and £80 for using
threatening behaviour or wasting police time.

During the Queen’s Speech debate in the House of Commons last week,
David Blunkett gave his support to on-the-spot fines being extended
to cover juveniles.

Labour MP for Knowsley North and Sefton East George Howarth asked
Blunkett if he would “take note” of Merseyside chief constable
Norman Bettison’s suggestion of extending the fixed penalty scheme
to cover young people. “The chief constable has a good point. We
should consider doing that,” Blunkett said, adding that proposals
should be drawn up on that basis.

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