Britain misses out on refugees’ skills

Many refugees working in Britain have less skilled jobs than those
they left behind in their home countries, according to a

The Department for Work and Pensions found that 40 per cent of
refugees said they could not use their skills in a paid job in the

Refugees said they had worked previously in farming, health care or
as shop owners, tradespeople and teachers but were now employed in
catering, shop and clerical work and translation.

A quarter were in temporary jobs with just 35 per cent working
full-time. More than one in four has university or further
education qualifications.

Jo Cleary, director of social services at the Corporation of
London, said the skills were not being used by the care sector
despite the recruitment crisis because many face restrictions on
when they can work.

A Refugee Council spokesperson said: “This latest piece of
government research provides us with further evidence that the
skills and commitment of refugees are not being properly utilised
by our society.”

– Refugees’ Opportunities and Barriers in Employment and

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