TV advert pulled after complaints from meals on wheels

A television advert portraying the neglect of an older person
has resulted in 280 complaints to the Independent Television

The advert, which has since been taken off air, is for ‘Take a
Break’ magazine and depicts an older woman waiting for her dinner
while her meals on wheels provider sits in a van engrossed in a
copy of the magazine.

The ITC said that some complaints had come from people who
delivered meals on wheels who were offended at the implication that
they would neglect their duties.

Take a Break’s publishing director, David Goodchild,
admitted that the advert had been “a mistake” and
apologised for any offence caused. His company has donated
£5,000 to the charity Action on Elder Abuse as a goodwill

Gary FitzGerald, the charity’s chief executive, condemned
the advert as “in terribly poor taste”, but commended
Take a Break for its quick response to complaints.

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