Mad Pride founder Shaughnessy dies

A mental health service user survivor who was one of the founders
of activists’ organisation Mad Pride has died, aged 40.

Peter Shaughnessy had been closely involved in the political
movement Reclaim Bedlam, which was launched in 1997 after the 750th
anniversary celebrations at the Royal Bethlem and Maudsley

Shaughnessy used to work as a bus driver in London but became
depressed when he had to take time off work after an assault by
passengers. It was not long afterwards that he experienced his
first episode of psychosis and was admitted to hospital.

Peter Beresford, chairperson of user organisation Shaping Our
Lives, praised Shaughnessy’s work in the mental health sector.

He said: “No individual is a movement but I do think that his death
is a big blow for the survivors’ movement. What characterised Peter
was his independence of mind.”

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