Ministers in Scotland promise to consider Laming report

Ministers in Scotland have pledged to give careful consideration
to the recommendations of the Laming report into the death of
Victoria Climbie, writes Nicola

Minister for young people Cathy Jamieson said: “I am keen to
ensure the lessons learned from the case are taken into account in
our own programme of reform for child protection.”

Jamieson said the executive had launched a five-point action
plan last year in response to a multi-disciplinary audit and review
of child protection.

The resulting report, ‘It’s Everyone’s Job to Make Sure I’m
Alright’, found staff and agencies responsible for
safeguarding children had not done enough to protect those in their
care who subsequently died.

Children remained at risk of significant harm from abuse, even
when their plight was known to child protection services, the
report said. Social workers rarely took out emergency protection
measures and were reluctant to apply for a protection order in case
they were cross-examined in court, it was found. 

Jamieson said the five-point plan would address these
problems: a new system of inspection would tackle poor performance
locally; a children’s charter set out the support which is a
‘child’s by right’, and there would be increased funding to a
number of children’s charities.

“We have taken action to improve social work recruitment,
retention and training,” the minister said, “and, in addition, we
have introduced a Child Protection Bill now making its way through

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