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Assert Yourself – A Training Video and Booklet for
People with Learning Difficulties

VOICE UK. Call 08700 133965. E-mail:  £25
including p&p.

Everyone said the video was interesting and we enjoyed watching it,
write members of Derby Independent Voice of Self Advocacy and
members of Wetherby day centre service users committee. We also
thought that the acting [by a theatre company of people with
learning difficulties] was very good and the story was easy to
follow. We all enjoyed talking about the video and how to make
things better for yourself. Some of the things shown in the video
had happened to us – like people coming into our rooms – and it
helped to see ways to change this. It explains being assertive very
well. We were glad there was a full colour booklet to use with the
video. It will also be useful for advocacy groups, as being
assertive is part of speaking up for yourself. We also think that
the video helps to show the abilities of people with learning
difficulties – the acting is very good! It can be used to show
parents, carers and other people with learning difficulties how
talented some of us are.

Turning Down the Heat – Empowering Staff to Deal with
Aggression at Work

Ray Braithwaite, Pavilion. Call: 0870 161 3505. £95 plus
£9.50 p&p

Aimed primarily at social care staff who may have to deal with
violent clients, but relevant to all workers who may encounter
verbal or physical abuse, this resource uses exercises, case
studies, role-play and personal experience to teach coping
strategies. These include assertiveness, defusing techniques and
useful body language. The author encourages trainers to create a
comfortable and safe environment for staff to deal with past
incidents and work out more effective ways of dealing with future

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