Voices of the voiceless

By Jan Hawkins.
PCCS Books
ISBN 1 898059 41 1

This is a timely book, as the promotion of a person-centred
value base has become topical in learning difficulty and other
human services.

The themes and messages in this work are thought provoking and are
relevant to any person who is interested in understanding the true
nature of person-centred working and support.

Through its powerful stories, the book challenges the very nature
and purpose of “the system” as it has emerged to support people
with learning difficulties over many years. It encourages us to
view the individual as a person with feelings, emotions and
aspirations and not as a person with just a diagnosis or a
condition that requires treatment.

The book includes an illuminating description of the fundamental
principles of person-centred working in the form of an interview,
and concludes that working in a person-centred manner is based on
two-way relationships, which has to begin with a fundamental
understanding of the self.

Voice of the Voiceless backs up people who work in a
person-centred manner. It tells us that what we are doing is right.
For others, those who still have to start the person-centred
journey, this book provides a challenge that they may well find

Gordon Smith is quality manager, Surrey Oaklands NHS


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