Tuesday 11 March 2003

By Amy Taylor, Nicola Barry and Alex

Media helping paedophiles escape charges, say

The “reckless” accusations of the media could allow some
paedophiles among the 6,500 suspects being questioned in Operation
Ore to go free, according to the assistant chief constable running
the inquiry.

Jim Gamble, said that some suspects targeted by reporters may
have destroyed their computers and other evidence before the police
had a chance to look into their cases.

He added that the home office are looking at new laws to enable
the police to electronically monitor the activity of convicted
paedophiles, preventing them from viewing child pornography on the

Source:- The Independent Tuesday 11 March page 1

Labour to focus on antisocial issues

Labour candidates in the May local elections are being urged to
centre their campaigns on the government’s plans to tackle
anti-social behaviour.

The government made the request in a circular that shows
increasing concern from the centre that the party could suffer
defeats due to “local problems” such as dirty streets and noisy

Source:- The Independent Tuesday 11 March page 2

‘Awfulness’ that drives the huge inquiry into internet
child pornography

Almost a year since the start of Operation Ore, the police have
nearly finished their inquiries into the most serious 1,400

There are those who are already known sex offenders, and those
who have access to children through their employment.

Four thousand eight hundred suspects are still to be
investigated, and the remaining inquiry is expected to take at
least two more years.

Source:- The Independent Tuesday 11 March page 4

Foreign sex workers given ‘safe house’

The government yesterday launched the first “safe house” for
women and girls brought to this country and forced to work as

The workers will be given medical treatment, counselling and
legal advice in exchange for information on their traffickers.

The safe house is at an undisclosed London location.

Source:- The Independent Tuesday 11 March page 8

Scottish newspapers

Executive offers new housing association £300m

The new landlord behind the Glasgow housing stock transfer has
been offered a £300 million gift, just days after ministers
said there would be no more subsidy for the controversial

The decision was made on policy grounds the day before the
transfer took place, and GHA assumed control of Glasgow’s
81,000 council homes.

Source:- The Herald Tuesday 11 March page 8

Hardcore offenders lift panel statistics

A hardcore group of persistent young offenders and an epidemic
of parental drug abuse are to blame for the highest number of
referrals to the children’s panel in more than 30 years, it
was claimed yesterday.

The annual report of the Scottish Children’s Reporter
Administration shows that 40,000 children were dealt with by the
Scottish children’s hearing system in 2001-2002, a large rise
on the previous year.

Source:- The Herald Tuesday 11 March page 5

Care home wrangle goes to court

A battle by residents’ families to keep a Church of
Scotland care home open is to go to the courts.

Fife council has applied to the sheriff court for guardianship
orders for the eight remaining residents of Leslie House in
Kirkaldy, which is due to close at the end of March.

If the applications are granted, the council will be able to
move the residents to a new home without the consent of their
families, who are opposing the move.

Source:- The Scotsman Tuesday 11 March page 4

Welsh newspapers

Bogus social worker offered child to couple

A Welsh couple who adopted a baby girl from Thailand, said they
were approached by a bogus social worker who was recently
criticised by a high court judge.

Elfred and Tracey Williams said that Joy Carter, who describes
herself as an independent social worker, told them that she could
get them a baby for £9,000.

Mr Justice Munby labelled Carter’s activities criminal, in
a recent adoption case involving a baby from the USA.

The couple from north Wales decided not to become involved with
Carter, and adopted their baby through local authority social

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 11 March page 5

Priests accuse canon of abusing them as

A senior Anglican vicar carried out a series of sex attacks on
boys over a 25-year period, a court was told yesterday.

Canon Lawrence Davies denies eight counts of indecent assault
and five other sex charges, involving three alleged victims that
were said to have taken place in Cardiff during a period between
1977 and 2002.

Two of the alleged victims went on to become priests.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 11 March page 6

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