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More than Fun – Good Practice in the Arts by and with
People with a Learning Disability

Mencap, helpline and information service, 123 Golden Lane, London
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This video is part of Mencap’s arts strategy, Doing, Showing and
Going. As the accompanying booklet points out, “it is possible for
someone to cook your meals for you. You won’t learn how to cook but
you won’t go hungry. But no-one can create your art. Each piece of
art is a unique expression of who you are.”

The video includes stories from three arts companies. The
Lawnmowers is a national touring theatre company, one of which
declares: “It makes me brave to be on stage. It makes me proud to
do it.” The company uses drama to explore and express experiences
and concerns.

StopGap is an integrated dance company. One of its excellent
professional dancers disagrees that he has a learning difficulty
and prefers to be labelled “a unique dancer”. To which he adds
poignantly, “I was disabled at school, but I’m not any more.” His
achievements are testament to his talent and dedication.

Indeed, as a member of the visual arts group Artworks reminds us:
“It’s not just play – it’s hard work too.” As with the recently
reviewed Voice UK video, Assert Yourself, featuring
professional actors with learning difficulties from the Shysters
theatre company, this video celebrates the abilities of people with
learning difficulties.

Go to
for an exclusive article (“Let’s face the music and dance”) on
dance and social care. Simply click on Best Practice. This features
the StopGap dance company.

On the same site is an exclusive, in-depth article on the use of
drama in social care. Click on article search and type “For
Dramatic Effect”. Similarly type “Shysters” for an exclusive
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