Friday 21 March 2003

by Amy Taylor, Nicola Barry and Alex Dobson

Police could face action over stop and

The Commission for Racial Equality has threatened to use its
enforcement powers under the Race Relations Act on the police after
figures released yesterday showed that black and Asian people are
still up to eight times more likely to be stopped and searched.

The Home Office figures were part of a series of statistics with
the intention of showing progress in meeting its aim of ending

Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality,
was outraged that the problem is on the increase rather than being

Source:- The Guardian Friday 21 March page 16

Lorry driver gets 11 years in a Greek jail for smuggling

A British lorry driver has received the highest ever sentence
passed in a Greek court for smuggling asylum seekers.

David Wilson, 45, from Bradford, was jailed for 11 years
yesterday for attempting to smuggle 19 Iraqi refugees across Europe
in his truck.

He pleaded not guilty saying the Iraqi Kurds had climbed into
his truck and hid under the cotton seeds he was transporting while
he was asleep.

His plea was rejected although he was told he could escape
prison by paying a large fine.

Source:- Daily Mail Friday 21 March page 43

‘I demand £20,000 for being sent to

An asylum seeker who was sent to Glasgow launched a £20,000
compensation claim in the High Court yesterday on the grounds that
his human rights had been violated.

In what is thought to be the first case of its kind, Mehmet
Gezer (correct), 50, a Turkish Kurd, says the National Asylum
Support Service (NASS) breached his right to respect by sending him
and his relatives to Scotland.

His counsel, Stephanie Harrison, said that Gezer and his family
suffered racial abuse and attacks when they were sent to the
Toryglen Estate in Glasgow.

Source:- Daily Mail Friday 21 March page 43

Jail terms cut for Lawrence suspects

Two of the Stephen Lawrence murder suspects, who were later
found guilty of a racist attack on a black policeman, had their
sentences reduced yesterday.

Neil Acourt, 27, and David Norris, 26, were each jailed for 18
months last September after calling Detective Constable Gareth Reid
a ‘nigger’, throwing a drinks carton at him and driving their car
towards him.

Yesterday three judges cut their sentences to 12 months deeming
them too harsh.

Source:- Daily Mail Friday 21 March page 44

Scottish newspapers

Babysitter sentenced to 15

A babysitter who killed his
three-year-old niece by subjecting her to an appalling catalogue of
violence was sentenced to 15 years yesterday.

Temporary judge, Roderick Macdonald
QC, sitting at Edinburgh’s High Court, said it almost “defied
belief” that Mark Clark, 20, could have been so cruel to
three-year-old Chloe Highley

Source: The Herald Friday
21st March page 15

Number of children born to drug users

A stark picture detailing the “invisible lives” led by many
children in Scotland was revealed in a report yesterday which found
the number of children born to drug users in Scotland had almost
doubled in the past five years.

Figures released by charity, NCH Scotland, showed 17.7 of every
1,000 births were to substance-misuing mothers in the period
1999-2000 compared to 9.3 per 1,000 in 1996-97.

Source: The Herald Friday 21st March page


MSPs approve radical overhaul of mental

Legislation enabling the most radical overhaul of
Scotland’s mental health laws for 40 years was passed
yesterday, in the most complex bill yet to be put before the
Scottish Parliament.

A new mental health tribunal, involving lawyers, doctors and
other experts, will replace sheriffs in approving compulsory
treatment, which can now be given in the community as well as in

Source: The Scotsman Friday 21st March page

Welsh newspapers

Abuse lasted years

The wife and colleagues of a vicar who was allegedly abused as a
child have told a jury how he told them of his ordeal.

They say that the man he named, as his abuser was Canon Lawrence
Davies, 62, the minister of St Paul’s in Grangetown,

Another man who is also a cleric has made allegations of sexual
abuse against Davies and both men say that the abuse took place
when they were teenagers over several years.

Davies denies all the allegations.

Source South Wales Echo Thursday 20 March page 21

Child abuse judge rejects criticism

The author of a major report into abuse in children’s
homes has rejected criticism of its conclusions.

Sir Ronald Waterhouse says his report Lost in Care did not
over-estimate the scale of abuse in north Wales care homes despite
criticism from groups who represent those they say, have been
falsely accused.

But the group, False Allegations Against Carers and Teachers
(FACT) say that two successful appeals by former care home workers
have thrown doubt on the reports findings three years ago.

Source Western Mail Friday 21 March page 10



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