Shared database to help co-ordination

The Local Services Inspectorate Forum is developing a shared
database among the different inspectorates involved in inspecting
local authorities in an effort to bring about a more co-ordinated
system of inspection.

The LSIF brings together inspectorates working in local government
and is made up of eight organisations including the Audit
Commission, the Social Services Inspectorate, Ofsted and the
Housing Inspectorate.

Chief inspector of social services, Denise Platt, who chairs the
LSIF, said the database shows the timing and size of all planned
inspections within each council.

Platt said that, from 2003 onwards, the inspection and audit
programme for each council would be negotiated and agreed between
the inspectorates and auditors, as well as with the council where
practicable. The aim was to provide an “individually tailored
programme” for each council, she said.

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