Tuesday 22 April 2003

By David Callaghan and Alex Dobson.

Police in search for boy find body

A body believed to be a missing schoolboy was found in an
industrial yard in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, by police officers

It is believed Sam Fewster, aged 12, was killed by falling cargo
as he ran ahead of a friend on his way home.

Source:- Daily Telegraph Tuesday 22 April page 6

Thinktank backs new model for public

New public bodies independent of the government and without
shareholders have been proposed by the left of centre thinktank the
Institute of Public Policy Research.

The new organisations known as ‘public interest companies’
designed to deliver public services are based on NHS foundation
trusts. Other models include Network Rail and housing

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 22 April page 11

Blunkett backed on asylum centres

Home secretary David Blunkett’s plan for processing centres to
handle asylum seekers based outside the EU has been backed by the
left wing thinktank Demos.

But the policy body warns that the plan must be part of a
comprehensive policy to handle everyone who visits Europe,
including tourists.

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 22 April page 12

Scottish newspapers

Carers seek new deal for disabled

The political parties in Scotland have been urged to make
provision to ensure that the 120,000 people with learning
difficulties in Scotland are given the same rights as other

Voluntary organisations claim local authorities are spending
cash granted from the Scottish executive on other services.

Source:- The Scotsman Tuesday 22 April page 8

Jack to make yobs pay us back

Scotland’s first minister Jack McConnell is to announce new
community reparation orders for young people who commit crimes.
They wil be forced to go back and repair any damage they have
caused. For crimes such as theft they will have to carry out
community work.

Source:- Daily Record Tuesday 22 April page 1

Welsh newspapers

Stress culture hits Wales

Long hours at work are triggering high levels of stress for
Welsh families, with depression, anxiety and irritability leading
to job losses and relationship breakdowns.

A new study from the Mental Health Foundation reveals that a
third of employees across the UK experience mental health problems
in any one year, and half of all lost working days are due to
work-related stress.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 22 April page 1

Dad fights to find out why son died

A grieving father is still looking for answers to exactly why
his son was failed by medical staff, following the boy’s
death from a rare but treatable disorder.

Thirteen years ago Robert Powell died from Addison’s
disease, a hormone condition that can be fatal if not treated early
enough. His parents have campaigned to find out why he was allowed
to die, but despite winning compensation no charges have been
brought against the medical staff involved.

Now the couple William and Diane Powell, from near Swansea, have
won the right to have an inquest into the circumstances surrounding
their son’s death, which is due to be heard later this

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 22 April page 3




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