Charity calls for new type of child worker

A new type of worker with training similar to school teachers is
needed to staff the growing number of services that combine
education and care for children, according to a new report,
writes Amy Taylor.

The research, by childcare charity the Daycare Trust, calls for
a new “core” professional worker to staff early years
and school-age child care and education services.

It says that, if society believes care and education are
inseparable, and that a range of services for all children should
be provided regardless of their parents’ employment, then a new
type of worker is required. They would be capable of combining many
tasks and working with both the child and their family.

The research sees the new role as key to the reform of the child
care profession in order to prevent an “emerging crisis of
care”, with demand for both child care and older care
increasing while the supply of workers is falling.

It says that many responses to the crisis, such as recruitment
campaigns, are not a long-term solution, and instead calls on the
government to provide funding for improved levels of training and
pay in the sector.

‘Beyond Caring: the case for reforming the childcare and early
years workforce’ from 020 7840 3350

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