Needs of older carers of people with learning difficulties not assessed

Learning disability partnership boards are struggling to
identify, meet and plan for the needs of older family carers of
people with learning difficulties, writes Amy

Research covering over 70 partnership boards, carried out by the
Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities as part of a
three-year study involving the government’s Valuing People
support team, finds that less than half of partnership boards know
how many people with learning difficulties live at home with a
family carer aged 70 or over.

The white paper’s target is of ensuring all older family carers
over 70 have an agreed plan on how to meet future needs.

Rob Greig, support team leader and director of implementation
for Valuing People, said the team welcomed the research, but argued
that the findings could now be out-of-date following last
month’s publication of the partnership boards’ housing

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