Caring for People with Learning Disabilities

By Tom Tait and Nicky Genders.
Arnold Publishers
ISBN 0 340 80709 1

“The word ‘partnership’ is now a very evident part of the
everyday language of people who are involved in the process of
providing care for vulnerable people.” This opening sentence of
Tait and Genders’ book sets the core theme for this practical text
that aims to promote learning, reflection and good practice in
caring for people with learning difficulties.

The authors present the complexities of disability in a
straightforward and comprehensible manner. While there is a focus
on health care and health promotion, the importance of
individualised care is reinforced, with cultural needs and the
needs and perspectives of informal carers also addressed.

The book is structured into manageable chapters with explicit
aims and learning outcomes. Each chapter comprises short, clear
sections, some of which include activities for students. However,
these sections may be even more useful to teachers as facilitated
learning opportunities.

Caring for People with Learning Disabilities provides
underpinning knowledge for carers who are new to this area of work,
and for students undertaking foundation or vocational programmes of
health and social care study.

Karin Crawford is senior lecturer in social work, Hull
School of Health and Social Care, University of Lincoln Caring for
People with Learning Disabilities.

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