Public anxiety over men in child care

More than half the public believe one of the main barriers to men
working in child care is the concern around the risk of
paedophilia, according to new research.

The Mori survey for child care charity Daycare Trust reveals that,
despite eight in 10 members of the public being in favour of men
working in child care, 56 per cent believe people would be
suspicious of their motives.

The survey, commissioned for national child care week, also finds
that although a third of the public thought parents would not want
their children to be looked after by a man, only one in 10 parents
surveyed said they held this view.

The Daycare Trust has called for fears about paedophilia to be
addressed if more men are to be recruited into the sector. It is
also arguing for a national strategy to increase the number of men
working in child care.

– Men and Childcare and Men’s Work? from 020 7840

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