Monday 4 August 2003

By Clare Jerrom, David Callaghan and Alex Dobson
Porn charges

A former London detective sergeant was charged yesterday with 15
counts of making indecent images of children and one count of
possessing indecent images.
Sid Fillery, who is now a private investigator, was bailed until 5
Source:- The Times Saturday 2 August page 6
Concern over missing girl, 13
Police fear a 13-year-old girl, who has been missing from her home
in Parbold, Lancashire, may have been forced to work as a
prostitute in Manchester.
A reported sighting suggested the possibility that Liliana Brooks
was being held against her will.
Source:- The Guardian Saturday 2 August page 7
Payout for blood clot man mistaken for drunk
A man who was left severely disabled after police officers failed
to realise he was suffering from a blood clot on his brain, and
assumed he was drunk, has been paid £310,000 by police in
Yorkshire in an out of court settlement.
David Powell was arrested in July 1998 after officers were told
that a man was lying at the bottom of some steps near his home.
They smelt drink on his breath, ignored a wound to his head and
arrested him. He was taken to a police cell in Leeds and 90 minutes
later he was found after he collapsed.
He was then taken to Leeds infirmary where the blood clot was
quickly diagnosed, but by then it was too late to treat much of the
damage to his brain. Powell now has very little mobility, is blind
in one eye and has difficulty communicating.
Source:- The Guardian Saturday 2 August page 9
Barrister rejects ‘lost childhood’ claims of
Damilola trial witness

Radio 4 is at the centre of controversy after giving a platform to
the young witness whose flawed evidence was responsible for the
collapse of the Damilola Taylor trial.
The station said it had not paid the girl, who was seen on a police
videotape at the trial singing “I’m in the
money”, as she contemplated spending a £50,000 reward
for identifying the killers of the 10-year-old from Peckham, south
Radio 4 said the programme would show how the girl “has lost
both her childhood and her future” from her involvement in
the case.
Source:- The Independent Saturday 2 August page 6
The man who helped illegal immigrants fiddle their driving

A translator was in prison last night after he helped hundreds of
asylum seekers cheat their way through their driving test.
Michael Babayan provided the candidates with answers through a
hidden mobile phone earpiece during the test’s theory
The Iranian, who made up to £250,000 from the scam, admitted
three counts of obtaining property by deception and six counts of
attempting the crime, and was given a two-year prison
Source:- Daily Mail Saturday 2 August page 31
Labour’s public job bill hits £19

Labour will have created more than 600,000 extra public sector jobs
by the
end of its second term, an analysis of government figures
The figures based on statistics released by the Office for
Statistics will fuel concern about the expansion of the public
sector, after
there were four times as many new jobs created by the state last
year than
the private sector.
Shadow chancellor Michael Howard yesterday accused Labour of
and said even though Labour have imposed 60 tax rises since 1997
and made
hundreds of thousands of public sector jobs, hospital waiting lists
are over
a million, school truancy is up and violent crime has risen.
Source:- The Sunday Times 3 August page 1
Torso in Thames link to 11 murders
Eleven children have been murdered by a demonic African cult linked
to the
death of a boy whose torso was found in the Thames in 2001, a key
has claimed.
Detectives investigating the murder of “Adam” believe he was killed
in a
ritual ceremony by a west African cult in Britain. Police now
believe he was
brought to Britain from west Africa, and murdered by members of a
black magic cult.
The latest leads have come from a Nigerian asylum seeker Joyce
Osagiede. She
told officials she was seeking refuge from her husband who had
killed 11
children including one of her daughters.
Source:- The Sunday Times Sunday 3 August page 1
‘Daddy’ Brown to launch baby bonds
Government sources have confirmed that father-to-be Gordon Brown is
to introduce a number of child friendly laws including a new post
of children’s commissioner and
“baby bonds”.
The children’s commissioner will work closely with the new
minister Margaret Hodge, who was appointed in the latest
Under the plans for “baby bonds”, a new born child will have
between £250
and £500, depending on the parents’ income, to be credited
into a child’s
trust fund to kick-start what the government hopes will be years of
Source:- The Sunday Times 3 August page 2
Woman gets aid in fight to beg
A beggar has been granted legal aid to bring a high court case
under the
human rights act to assert her right to beg where she wants
Margaret Edlin is fighting an injunction imposed by Nottingham
council as
part of a crackdown on persistent and aggressive beggars.
The 25-year old’s lawyers are arguing that the ban is an
infringement of the
right to freedom of movement under article 13 of the act, and are
seeking “a
reasonable variation” in the ban’s terms at a high court hearing
later this
Source:- The Sunday Times 3 August page 8
Clarke to extend plan for selective state schools
The government is set to announce a radical plan to turn
all state
secondary schools into selective specialist schools.
The proposal is likely to set sparks flying with Labour MPs who see
secondary schools, which are able to select a proportion of their
according to ability, as socially divisive. They compare them with
hospitals, which they fear will lead to a two-tier health
Source:- The Sunday Times 3 August page 26
Blunkett calls for sex trials restraint
The home secretary said yesterday that safeguards to protect the
identity of people accused of sex crimes should be strengthened
after TV presenter John Leslie walked free from court last week.
The case has triggered a chorus of calls, including from the Lord
Chief Justice, Lord Woolf, for ministers to consider giving male
defendants in sex trials the same right to anonymity as female
Source:- The Observer Sunday 3 August page 3
Leave us to grieve alone, say families of Holly and

The parents of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman are to spend the
first anniversary of their daughter’s murder away from their
Soham homes, a spokesperson has confirmed.
Police have made an unprecedented appeal to the media and public to
stay away from Soham this weekend, after appeals from the community
to be left in peace to mourn the two girls.
Journalists were also urged not to run stories that could prejudice
the forthcoming trial of school caretaker Ian Huntley and classroom
assistant Maxine Carr.
Huntley denies murdering the girls, but admits conspiring to
pervert the course of justice. Carr denies helping an offender and
perverting the course of justice.
They are due to stand trial at the Old Bailey in October.
Source:- The Observer Sunday 3 August page 4
Top Tory in call for more open prisons
Moving prisoners to more relaxed open prisons would ease the
pressure of overcrowding on the prison system in England and Wales,
Oliver Letwin has urged.
The proposition by the shadow home secretary for a more liberal
regime risks criticism from the right-wingers in the party and
Letwin being labelled ‘soft on crime’.
Letwin says with the prison population due to rise in the home
office’s forecasts to between 86,700 and 100,700 by 2006, and
with only 78,000 places due to be provided by then, more
‘imaginative’ action is needed.
Source:- The Observer Sunday 3 August page 7
Immigrants face disease checks
Immigrants would be forced to undergo screening for infectious
diseases, and be prevented from entering Britain if they were
considered a burden on the National Health Service under
Conservative plans.
Shadow health secretary Liam Fox is expected to argue for new
powers to ensure migrants at risk of spreading infection or of
becoming a long term financial burden on the NHS can be excluded
from Britain.
The Tories also threaten to tear up their legal obligations to
asylum seekers, who cannot now be rejected on the grounds they are
Source:- The Observer Sunday 3 August page 9
Damilola murder suspects could face fresh

The Metropolitan police are hoping to bring fresh prosecutions
against suspects for the murder of Damilola Taylor using new
evidence from the 14-year-old witness whose testimony was struck
out at their trial last year.
Officers believe that a recent interview given by the girl will
enable them to rebuild a case against the alleged killers of the
10-year-old boy, who bled to death after being stabbed in the leg
with a broken bottle in November 2000.
Source:- The Sunday Telegraph 3 August page 6
Scrap the English test for foreign doctors, says

A compulsory language test taken by foreign doctors wanting to work
in Britain is to be scrapped, raising fears that it will lead to an
increase in medical accidents.
The General Medical Council is proposing that the test, which must
be passed by all doctors coming to Britain from outside the
European Union, should no longer be a requirement for registration.
It has been advised by solicitors that using the test could leave
it vulnerable to allegations of racial discrimination from overseas
However, last week doctors condemned the move warning that it could
place patients’ lives at risk.
Source:- The Sunday Telegraph 3 August page 6
CCTV in class ‘will monitor bad
Closed circuit television cameras are to be installed in
every classroom at a school for the first time in Britain in a bid
to make it easier to monitor and control bad behaviour by
CCTV will operate throughout the new school King’s Academy in
Middlesbrough, when it opens in September, but critics have voiced
concerns over the introduction of a “spy in the class”,
while others see it as a waste of money. Teachers fear the cameras
could be used to monitor the way they conduct lessons.
Source:- The Sunday Telegraph 3 August page 8
Rural residents face £20m bill for street

Rural council taxpayers are being forced to pay the £20
million annual bill for one of the government’s flagship
policing schemes that was announced two years ago.
The government has decided to axe funding for the ‘Street
Warden Initiative’ launched by Tony Blair in 2001 as a way of
reducing vandalism and petty crime.
However, in a letter to a scheme manager for the villages of
Wiveliscombe and Milverton in Somerset, Mike Fuller, from the
office for the deputy prime minister, said last week that no more
money was available, and from March next year local people would
have to find their own funding.
Source:- The Sunday Telegraph 3 August page 10
These children lived here for years. Now they’re
being frogmarched out of Britain

Despite a huge campaign for them to stay in Britain, Yurdugal Ay
and her four children will be thrown out on Tuesday
Source:- Independent on Sunday 3 August page 4
Jail ‘thinking’ courses show you can’t
teach an old lag new tricks

Home Office research has found that teaching prisoners how to think
and giving them social skills has failed to stop them returning to
a life of crime.
The Prison Service invested £200 million in the courses which
aim to reduce reconviction rates, but prisoners who attended the
courses were just as likely to re-offend as inmates who did not
Source:- The Times Monday 4 August page 1
Baby in shed
A 22 –year-old dental nurse is to be charged before
Margate magistrates with child neglect and concealing a birth after
a baby’s body was found in a garden shed.
A 34-year old man arrested with Michelle Rose South from
Broadstairs was released without charge.
Police said a post-mortem examination was inconclusive.
Source:- The Times Monday 4 August page 4
Auction plan for work permits
Thousands of British work permits would be auctioned to
overseas bidders under plans being drawn up by a former minister to
end illegal immigration.
Former transport secretary Stephen Byers believes that market
forces have a big role to play in building a more structured
approach to immigration and driving people-traffickers out of
Source:- The Times Monday 4 August page 4
Girl in Damilola cases insists she told the

The schoolgirl who told a court she witnessed the murder of
Damilola Taylor, is standing by her story and insists she told the
In an interview with the BBC, due to be broadcast this week, the
girl claims her life has been ruined by the case.
The girl, now 15, who was dismissed by Mr Justice Hooper as
“unreliable” during the trial and acquittal of four
teenagers, who were alleged to have stabbed Damilola, claims she
now lives at a secret address, does not go to school and drinks
cider to forget her plight.
Source:- The Times Monday 4 August page 5
NSPCC’s media chief cleared by inquiry
The NSPCC media relations chief, who was suspended after he gave a
character witness statement at the trial of a neighbour acquitted
of indecent assault on three children, is to be reinstated in his
The children’s charity said Gerry Tissier would be returning
to work “without implication of fault” after an
investigation into a complaint about the evidence he gave.
Tissier said he would pursue “legal redress” over
“false media accounts” of his evidence given in a
personal capacity as a character witness for Henry Bran, a
classroom assistant cleared at Southwark crown court last month of
sexual assaults on three school children.
Source:- The Daily Telegraph Monday 4 August page 8
Nanny who killed baby awaits deportation
The British nanny jailed in the United States for killing
a baby was awaiting deportation to the UK yesterday.
Manjit Basuta, sentenced to 25 years imprisonment in 1999 for
shaking a child to death in San Diego, was paroled on
The former nurse from Slough had her term cut to eight years after
she admitted involuntary manslaughter, and has been released on
Her family has always maintained her innocence.
Source:- The Independent Monday 4 August page 6
Youngsters who sleep around risk infertility

Young people who have unprotected sex risk infertility from the
sexually transmitted disease chlamidyia.
New statistics show that one in 10 young women aged under 25, who
is sexually active, has the disease, and the figure for under-16s
is even higher at one in seven.
At the start of Sexual Health Week experts are warning that the
government is not doing enough to control the problem.
Six out of 10 young people aged 16-24 only use a condom some of the
time, and a quarter admit to having two or three partners per
Anne Weyman, chief executive of the Family Planning Association,
said “Opportunistic screening for women under 25 is a
must.” She said the government has been making a false
economy by not investing in these services.
Source:- Daily Mail Monday 4 August page 6
The fat epidemic
The number of people admitted to hospital for obesity has risen by
41 per cent in the last five years, government figures show.
Prescriptions to help treat the problem have shot up by more than
300 per cent in four years, and the total cost of the treatment and
drugs is estimated to be £500 million.
Liberal Democrat Paul Burstow wants the government to promote a
more healthy lifestyle to address the problem .
“Lack of exercise combined with a diet of fast food is
leading adults and children being unable to enjoy a decent quality
of life,” he said.
Source:- Daily Mail Monday 4 August page 15
Scottish newspapers
Fears as asylum kids are moved

A Kurdish family of asylum seekers, who have been held in detention
Dungavel centre in Scotland, were moved yesterday in preparation
deportation, it was claimed.
Aamer Anwar, the lawyer representing the Ay family confirmed they
being transferred to Oakington reception centre near
The lawyers, who lodged a fresh application yesterday on behalf of
family’s four children, whose treatment he describes as “barbaric”,
said he
had been unable to contact the family since they were moved.
The children’s mother Yurdugal lost her final appeal
Source:- Daily Record Saturday 2 August
Ay family will refuse to be deported
The Ay family of Kurdish asylum seekers are to refuse to board a
specially chartered plane in a final attempt to avoid deportation
to a country where they face an unknown and possibly dangerous
The gesture means the Ay family’s final experience of
Britain, where they have been detained for over a year, will
involve being manhandled on to an aircraft and forcibly removed to
The family had previous asylum claims rejected five times in
Germany, and they are likely to be sent back to Turkey.
Source:- The Herald Monday 4 August
Carers to benefit from £3.7m lottery

More than £3.7 million is to be distributed by the New
Opportunities Fund to be spent on improving palliative care for
people affected by progressive degenerative illnesses such as motor
neurone disease and Huntington’s disease.
The Scottish Huntington’s Association, which supports
patients and their families, will receive £231,700 to fund
training for carers. Three other organisations – The Scottish
Motor Neurone Disease Association, The Scottish Partnership for
Palliative Care and the Pain Association of Scotland will also
receive individual grants.
The rest will be distributed through NHS boards.
Source:- The Herald Monday 4 August
Welsh newspapers
Call for action on silent killer infection

A national screening programme for the most common sexually
transmitted infection must be set up Wales, according to the Welsh
family planning group.
Sexual health experts said that the principality can no longer
afford to do nothing about the spread of chlamydia. The latest
figures show that the number of reported cases of the infection
have more than doubled in four years.
According to new data from FPA Cymru, only one in 10 couples in
Wales use a condom despite the increasing risk of infection. The
organisation, formerly the Family Planning Association, said that
opportunistic screening for women under 25 is now a must.
Source:- Western Mail Monday 4 August page 8
Women in Health review
Women who get their services from the Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust
are being asked to contribute to a review of the quality of
healthcare. Clinical director Janet Evans said the prime aim of the
project is to improve services. The review will look at all areas
that impact on the future delivery of services.
Source:- Western Mail Monday 4 August page 3

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