Training Manual for Working with Older People in Residential and Day Care Settings

Book Cover: Training Manual for Older PeopleBy Jacki Pritchard.
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN 184310123

What you see is what you get with this training manual because what it says on the label is what is inside. This manual is intended to support the recently introduced national standards on induction for care workers in care homes and day care for older people. The new requirements are daunting for workers and managers as there are minimum levels of information to cover within designated time periods.

This timely publication collects in one place material on all the key themes. It includes chapters on the principles of care, care planning, assessment, supervision, abuse, challenging behaviour, and death and dying.

Jacki Pritchard will be known to readers for having written on issues about training and older people and for also being a trainer and social worker herself. She draws on this experience to good effect in producing a manual with accessible language and brimming with case studies, exercises and other resources. The manual is in a large format and photocopiable. It would be my guess that managers in care homes and day centres will be delighted to see this manual; the only disappointment might be the price.

Des Kelly is consultant director in social care, Bupa Care.

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