Staff shortages led to commission underspend

Staff shortages at the National Care Standards Commission led to
an underspend of over £13 million, writes Natasha

The NCSC’s annual report said the organisation’s
day-to-day costs, minus income from fees, was originally estimated
to be £90.1 million during 2002 and 2003, but was actually
£77 million. The main reason for the £13.1 million
underspend “was a severe shortfall in staff, particularly at
the beginning of the year, when the majority of staff transferred
from previous regulatory bodies”.

NCSC chairperson Anne Parker said: “We have faced
difficulties with our computer systems, and the inevitable teething
problems we have faced in setting up such a large new organisation
have reduced our ability to deliver our plans to more fully involve
the people who use our services in our work. We are well on our way
to overcoming these this year.”

A new regulatory body, the Commission for Social Care
Inspection, is being set up to replace the National Care Standards

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