Young People in Foster and Residential Care

 Book Cover - Young people in foster and residentia
  By Ann Wheal.
  Russell House Publishing
  ISBN 1903855276

This book is a maintenance manual for young people. That it should now be in a revised and expanded third edition testifies both to its success and to the continuing need for such a volume.

Ann Wheal has succeeded in writing a book which will have considerable value for carers and young people alike. The format is simple. Like any good manual, it begins with basic maintenance issues – being looked after, somewhere to live, money and its management, and education and health. It then moves to consider the issues of personal development, independence, relationships, and coping with crisis.

Each of these major sections is subdivided and in a refreshingly direct manner, without jargon, they begin with a topic or question and then proceed to deal with the practical implications of it.

So, under drug abuse are found sensible pointers to what anyone should look for when fearing that a young person might be experimenting. Such sections not only provide a checklist for inexperienced care staff but also helpful indicators to young people themselves. Even legislation is explained in a simple way and occasional tasks or checklists help to consolidate learning. For training and reference, the book deserves a wide readership.

Chris Hanvey is the UK director of operations, Barnardo’s.

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