Charities hit Sun with counterpunch

Mental health charities have taken action to combat the
stigmatisation of people with mental health problems after The
‘s treatment of former boxer Frank Bruno who was sectioned
last week.

The Sun reported the news of his detention under the
Mental Health Act with the headline “Bonkers Bruno locked up”, but
later changed it after widespread condemnation to “Sad Bruno in
mental home”.

The following day it launched a fund for the former heavyweight

Rethink chief executive Cliff Prior called the newspaper’s
treatment of Bruno “shameful”, but said the public’s response had
been “heartwarming”. The charity is now urging a government-funded
national campaign to fight the discrimination faced by the 630,000
people with a severe mental illness.

Mind’s chief executive, Richard Brook, has written to The Sun’s
editor, Rebekah Wade, urging a long-term improvement in the
newspaper’s coverage of mental health issues.

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