Most people see no rise in prejudice

Two out of five adults surveyed by the Home Office believe there is
more racial prejudice now than five years ago.

The poll shows that 43 per cent of white adults questioned for the
research in England and Wales think society is more racist,
compared with 38 per cent of Pakistanis, 28 per cent of African
Caribbeans and 21 per cent of Africans.

Figures contained in the 2001 Home Office Citizenship Survey also
reveal that people from ethnic minorities are more likely to
believe they are discriminated against by public service providers,
especially in areas such as council housing, police and prison

Perceptions of racism vary from region to region, with people in
the North West most likely to say it has increased while those in
London are least likely to. Black and mixed race people are more
optimistic about the future. About 75 per cent believe there will
be less prejudice in five years’ time. But 44 per cent of white
people think there will be more.

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