Blunkett: ‘use new powers or face sack’

Professionals working to reduce antisocial behaviour who fail to
use new powers afforded to them by ministers should be sacked, the
home secretary said this week.

Speaking at the launch of the antisocial behaviour action plan, and
in a move aimed at putting the onus on councils, David Blunkett
said that all professionals must “do their job” and use the powers
they have been given under the plan or when the Antisocial
Behaviour Bill becomes law.

Such professionals include head teachers, who will have the power
to issue fines to parents whose children truant, and crime and
disorder reduction partnership members. Referring to these
professionals, Blunkett said: “They are accountable to the
community and if they don’t do their job they should be got rid

He went on to directly challenge calls by charities that measures
in the bill affecting young people were too harsh. “The Children’s
Society and others – if you really want to protect young people,
you don’t let them drift into gangs. You help them by getting a
structure into their lives.”

The action plan also includes the creation of a team of 10
specialist anti-social behaviour prosecutors to help communities to
prosecute offenders quickly.

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