Friday 17 October 2003

By David Callaghan, Daniel Leon and Alex

Care reforms target ethnic minorities
The government has launched an overhaul of mental health provision
which will include 500 extra staff to work with black and Asian
A plan has been issued for consultation, which was drawn up by
Kamlesh Patel, the head of the Mental Health Act Commission and
director of the centre for ethnicity and health at the University
of Central Lancashire.
The programme would appoint nine black or Asian regional leaders to
oversee its implementation.
Source:- The Guardian Friday 17 October page 9
Law lords order inquiry into jail murder
The House of Lords has ordered home secretary David Blunkett to set
up a public inquiry into the murder of an Asian teenager by a
racist in their shared cell at Feltham young offenders
The lords said Blunkett breached Zahid Mubarek’s right to life by
refusing requests from his family for an inquiry.
Mubarek was killed by Robert Stewart, a known racist, who was
considered to be a dangerous inmate.
Source:- The Guardian Friday 17 October page 12
Daycare centres ‘not answer to child

New research shows that government attempts to get mothers into
paid employment is not working because they do not earn enough
Researchers followed 51 families over an 18-month period to see how
they fared after the mothers tried to work part-time.
Source:- The Guardian Friday 17 October page 10
Sterilised mother loses case
A mother with a blindness condition, who had a baby after being
sterilised, has lost her case against a hospital trust for the
funds needed to raise the child.
The law lords said she could have had an abortion or had the boy,
who is now six, adopted. Four out of seven lords ruled in favour of
Darlington Memorial Hospital NHS Trust .
Source:- The Guardian Friday 17 October page 11
Down’s but not out
Anya Souza has a fulfilling career, her own flat and a loving
boyfriend. She also has Down’s syndrome. She gives a touching
insight into life with a condition that is still
Source:- Daily Mail Friday 17 October page 34-35
Net predator is freed
A man who had sex with a 14-year-old girl after meeting her over
the internet was given a two-year community rehabilitation order
after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to a charge of gross
indecency with a girl under 16.
David Hipperson was sentenced by magistrates at Leamington Spa in
Warwickshire, who heard how he made contact with the girl in a
Microsoft chatroom.
Source:- Daily Mail Friday 17 October page 45
Scottish newspapers
Clues that could have saved baby Caleb
The author of a report into the death of baby Caleb Ness said
social workers failed to pick up on clues that could have prevented
his death at the hands of his father.
Susan O’Brien QC also criticised a psychiatrist who visited the
family home frequently, but failed to report the risk to the
Caleb was 11 weeks old when he was killed by his father Alexander,
who later admitted culpable homicide and was given an 11-year
Source:- The Scotsman Friday 17 October
Woman sent to Carstairs for killing daughter
A woman who killed her daughter with a hammer is to be detained
indefinitely in a psychiatric hospital.
Ann Dunn from Stonehouse in Lanarkshire was suffering from
depression when she killed her five-year-old daughter Erin and left
another child of 10 with severe injuries.
Source:- The Scotsman Friday 17 October
Welsh newspapers
Faster route to your GP

Primary care in Wales will receive a £7 million funding boost
and will result in quicker access to a GP or practice nurse.
The money from the Welsh assembly will help improve services across
the principality and mark the introduction of the new GP
Source:- South Wales Argus Thursday 16 October page 8
Youngest and old are UK’s poorest
The youngest and oldest members of the population in Wales are also
the poorest in the UK, according to new research.
The report entitled from the Anti-Poverty Network Cymru (APNC)
concludes from research by Oxfam Cymru that the rate of child
poverty in Wales is 33 per cent compared to an average across the
UK of 30 per cent.  The report also found that Wales has a higher
proportion of older people than the rest of the UK and roughly half
of them have annual income of less than £10,000.
Source:- Western Mail Friday 17 October page 4
Newport couple off to help Iraqi orphans
A couple from Newport in south Wales are returning to Baghdad to
try to prevent children, who have been orphaned, from becoming
involved in prostitution or crime.
Kevin and Helen Williams will be based at the Our Home orphanage in
the city, where more than 100 children are currently cared for in
the aftermath of the war. The couple had previously visited Iraq in
an attempt to stop the war and they now hope to provide food and
support for children traumatised by the effect of the
Source:- Western Mail Friday 17 October page 6

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