New figures show rise in total of supported adults

The number of adults in care homes supported by local authorities
has risen by seven per cent in the last year due to people on
‘preserved rights’ now being the responsibility of


The total is up by 19,300 to 284,100 this year compared with the
previous year. Without people on preserved rights the figure would
have fallen by five per cent.


Councils were given responsibility for people with preserved rights
two years ago, taking it away from central government.


When the
community care regime was introduced with the NHS and Community
Care Act 1990 (which came into force in April 1993) local
authorities took over responsibility for funding placements in care
homes under part III of the National Assistance Act 1948, and were
provided with additional funds to do so.


almost 300,000 people were excluded from the new regime. These were
the people who were already in care homes and were paid for by
increased income support awards. They were said to have preserved
rights to these awards.

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