Schools welcome asylum seeker pupils

Schools provide a good education for asylum seeker children and
a welcome environment, according to a study by school inspectors
Ofsted, writes Kendra Inman.

Inner city schools serving diverse communities were among the
best at managing the intake of asylum seeker pupils, the report

Their success was attributed to experience dealing with high
levels of pupil mobility, and the presence of staff with expertise
in teaching pupils with English as an additional language, said

The study, the ‘Education of Asylum-Seeker Pupils’, examined
admissions and induction procedures, the curriculum, teaching and
pupils’ progress in 37 schools in 11 education

David Bell, the chief inspector of schools, said the report
showed how well schools can perform and adapt to meeting
pupils’ needs. He added that he understood how it had been a
difficult process for some schools.

Staff funded by the ethnic minority achievement grant (EMAG)
made a vital contribution towards supporting asylum seeking pupils
and their families, the report said. EMAG staff also provided
advice training and teaching support for class teachers.

The study found schools often welcomed pupils and their
families, saw them as an asset and used their inclusion to enhance
the cultural life of the school.

The Education of Asylum-Seeker Pupils

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