Connexions ‘failing to address needs’

The Connexions service is too focused on education and work at the
expense of social and emotional support, a leading think-tank has
warned this week.

A report from the Institute for Public Policy Research states that
Connexions has failed to achieve its aim of providing a rounded
service that fully addresses young people’s needs .

The consultation with young people about activities and support in
their community warns of a danger that the concentration on
education and work prevents other issues being addressed.

It adds that this can lead to a failure to recognise that the
extent to which young people can take up such opportunities depends
on tackling issues such as low self-esteem and poor social

The research calls for new types of professionals who can apply a
range of skills and knowledge when working with young people,
adding that Connexions personal advisers fail to do this.

The report concludes that teenagers are let down by inconsistent
services and recommends a “Sure Progress” initiative, based on the
Sure Start model. This is outlined as integrating support, advice
and information services, the provision of activities and aiming
practical guidance at teenagers and parents.

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