Executive orders new checks on people working with children

A blacklist of people unsuitable to work with children in
Scotland is now to include retrospective checks on employees,
according to the Scottish executive, writes Maggie

The move comes following the conviction of Ian Huntley for the
murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. He was employed as a
school caretaker despite being reported to Humberside police for
alleged offences against women and young girls.

Scottish ministers want employers to pass to the Scottish
executive details of anyone they have ever sacked for misconduct
towards children.

Names are to be added to the list of ‘persons unsuitable to work
with children’ announced in February 2003 under the new Child
Protection Act 2003 which will come into force in Scotland early in

The executive is urging councils, nurseries and charities to
check their records for evidence of employees who pose a risk to

‘Retrospective inclusion’ on the list will immediately prevent a
person from working with children.

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