‘Equality key to better services’

Public services need a change in “mindset” to overcome barriers to
race equality, says an Audit Commission report published this

Public bodies need to see race equality as “beneficial to everyone
and a key driver for better services and quality of life” if they
are to meet the needs of their diverse communities, it says.

Managers and front-line staff should be given the training,
resources and confidence to address race equality in their everyday

It states that public bodies need a clear vision for improving
local race equality because organisations are unsure of what they
are trying to achieve. Many organisations are too focused on
setting up structures that comply with laws such as the Race
Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 rather than promoting

Commission for Racial Equality chairperson Trevor Phillips said:
“We are expecting there to be clear progress over a range of
outcomes over the next two to three years. This report sheds new
light on what is hampering progress and what is needed to achieve
such outcomes.”

– Journey to Race Equality from www.audit-commission.gov.uk

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