Training materials

Level 2 Certificate in Mental Health Work

(Student toolkit and Student Workbook) Pavilion Publishing. Toolkit
£64.95 plus £6.49 p&p; Workbook £59.95 plus
£5.99 p&p. Contact 01273 623222 or e-mail

This is a work-based learning programme, which can be used as part
of an induction course or to achieve a City & Guilds Accredited
Qualification, writes locality manager, Robert Nesbitt.

Incorporating a knowledge-based introduction, the five units ensure
that students understand the ethical basis for their work. Using
the materials, students work with their mentor to build essential
skills in core areas: communication, confidentiality, safety,
promoting independence. The materials may seem basic, but are
cleverly designed to promote reflective and effective practice, and
would also benefit somewhat more experienced staff. It is to be
hoped that this model is widely adopted.

Positive Goals: Intervention for People with Learning Disabilities
whose Behaviour Challenges

Peter Fox and Eric Emerson. Pavilion Publishing. £75 plus
£7.50 p&p. Contact 01273 623222 or e-mail

This resource pack has much to offer, writes independent
self-advocacy worker, Peter Dawson. It provides a thorough
introduction to approaches to the problem of challenging behaviour.
It is laced with humanism, and describes outcomes that should be
personally and socially enhancing for all concerned – if the right
strategies are followed. The one weak point is that its medical
model values can be glimpsed beneath its useful pragmatism. It’s a
shame that the extensive reference list does not include anything
from the self-advocacy movement. Nevertheless, it deserves to make
an impact. It is vast improvement on the old regime of restraint
and medication.

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