Auditors say CRB has improved but still has problems

The Criminal Records Bureau has improved but it is still not
offering the service it planned, according to a report by the
National Audit Office, writes Sally

It found that by June last year, nearly 95 per cent of enhanced
and standard disclosures were being issued to the required
timescale and the service now offered is “more comprehensive
and consistent” than police checks done before.

The body, which was launched after a six-month delay in March
2002, has been plagued by problems, including a series of missed

Checks on social care and health workers, which were supposed to
begin in March 2003, did not start until the following October.
Hikes in fees have also caused anger within the sector.

Poor planning and a problematic relationship between Capita and
the CRB were among the reasons for difficulties. Just 12 months was
set aside to recruit and train workers and install a new IT system
before the CRB was launched.

Among the report’s recommendations is that the Home Office
should commission research to find out if crimes against children
and vulnerable adults is declining to gauge the impact of the

Executive summary of report

Full copy of report

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