Autism Boy’s room request renewed on appeal

Calderdale Council must reconsider its refusal of a grant for a
loft extension to provide an autistic child with a room of his own,
the Court of Appeal has ruled.

The boy was a “menace” around the house because of his condition
and was violent and aggressive towards his brother, Claire Miskin,
representing the boy’s father, told the court. His parents believe
that if their son had his own room it would reduce the risk of him
injuring his brother and allow them to better manage his

The child, who cannot be named, has to share a bedroom with his
brother despite having trouble interacting with others.

Lord Justice Sedley said the council had failed to fully consider
whether “having a bedroom was a practicable way of reducing risk”.

Eileen Hopkins, director of development at the National Autistic
Society, said children with autism often had different sleep
patterns from siblings and other family members and different
sensory requirements, making them unable to tolerate certain

The all-party parliamentary group’s manifesto for autism, launched
last May, recommends that agencies ensure autistic children are
provided with their own room.

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