Clarke admits resources needed to fund measures in Children Bill

Charles Clarke has admitted that more money was needed to
support the government’s proposals outlined in the Children
Bill published this week, writes Clare

The education secretary said he was aware that certain
organisations, including the Association of Directors of Social
Services, felt more resources were needed for the proposed
legislation to work.

“We do need more resources, but we also need better use of
the resources we have,” Clarke said in an interview with
Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme this week.

He said government had realised that the departments of health
and constitutional affairs and the home office were all doing
slightly different things and creating funding streams which were

But the departments were now trying to bring the funding
together to create a “pooled approach” to ensure there
was more clarity.

“So yes it probably will take more money, but much more
important than that it’s getting the best value from
what’s there and ensuring professionals really can work
together,” he added.

Clarke agreed that allocating resources was the most important
area to address, but warned that it was also key to get agencies
working together.

He highlighted that there were “big issues” getting
training right. “We’re establishing a whole new
training structure to ensure that we get the right level of
training and in service training throughout life of all people
working with children.”

Clarke also confirmed that the new post of children’s
commissioner outlined in the Children Bill would be “entirely
independent of government”.


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