Chancellor announces increase in Sure Start funding

Chancellor Gordon Brown announced an increase of 17 per cent in
funding for Sure Start and an extra £100 for older people to
help them pay council tax bills, writes David

He told the House of Commons as he announced his Budget that the
extra £669 million per year for Sure Start by 2007-08 would
help to establish 1,700 children’s centres in all of the
country’s 20 per cent most disadvantaged areas, and an extra
100,000 new childcare places. The ultimate aim is of a
children’s centre in every community.

There will also be a pilot scheme to offer 6,000 two-year-olds a
free part-time early education place.

Every person over 70 will receive an extra £100 per year in
addition to the winter fuel allowance.

The Chancellor also announced:

• cash incentives to help small business set up charity
payroll schemes
• a national community service scheme for young people
• deputy prime minister John Prescott to consult on ways of
increasing affordable housing provision
• job cuts at department of work and pensions down from total
of 130,000 to 100,000 by 2008
• NHS spending to rise 7.2 per cent per year until 2008

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