Action on obesity

Adverts promoting foods high in fat, salt and sugar to young people
should be matched by messages selling a healthy diet according to
the Foods Standards Agency.

The FSA has agreed on action to tackle obesity among children which
includes calling on celebrities to promote healthy food options.
John Krebs, the agency’s head said government departments, parents,
the food and advertising industries, sporting heroes and
celebrities all had a part to play in improving diets.

The FSA strategy includes developing guidance for the food industry
on reducing the amount of fat, salt and sugar in products aimed at
children and better labelling so consumers can more easily identify
healthy options.

Schools are also on the FSA’s hit list. The FSA will work with head
teachers to push healthier foods higher up the menu and target
school vending machines to increase the range of healthier

There are also plans to harness television and radio. Broadcasters
will be encouraged to increase the association between high-profile
TV characters and healthier foods.

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