Random testing for first state school

The Abbey School in Kent is set to become the first state school to
introduce random drug testing, it emerged this week.

The comprehensive school in Faversham will start testing pupils
from September after parents gave their support to the move at the
conclusion of a consultation exercise.

The decision came after the Department for Education and Skills
issued guidance to all schools across England earlier this month
requiring head teachers to decide whether to introduce random drug
testing, after consultation with parents, pupils and governors.

The guidelines set out a number of suggestions for how schools can
tackle drug problems among pupils and aim to get the message across
that drugs on school premises are not acceptable. The guidelines
also suggest that pupils who are vulnerable to drug misuse should
be identified and should receive support either through the school
or through referral to other services.

All staff should receive drug awareness training and all schools
should have a range of responses and procedures for managing drug
incidents in school, advises the guidance.

– Guidance from www.dfes.gov.uk/drugguidance

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