Completing your Application Form

Completing your Job Application Form

The application form you complete will play a key part in
deciding whether you should be called for interview (or test), so
it is important that you take your time and complete it as fully
and accurately as possible.

The shortlisting panel will decide who to call in based on the
criteria outlined on the Personnel Specification
which was sent with your application form.

The Specification lists those qualities which are essential to
undertake the job. It is important, therefore, that you “tailor”
your application form to show you possess these qualities and are
capable of carrying out the duties of the job as listed in the Job

These qualities, skills and abilities may have been obtained in
employment, education, voluntary or personal life. Identify which
of these match those on the Personnel Specification and say how you
gained them. Give examples where possible. If you are using a
qualification to demonstrate a skill, please ensure that you tell
us where and how you gained that skill.

The application form is designed to enable you to give the
shortlisting panel full and clear information about yourself. To
ensure we treat all applicants fairly we do not make any
assumptions, we only look at what you have told us about yourself
on the form.

For some jobs, particularly where they are of a specialist
nature, or where we expect a large number of applications, you may
be asked to prepare a piece of work to send in with your
application form. It is important that you put as much effort into
completing this as you did for the rest of the application form as
it will form part of the decision whether you should be called in
for interview or not.

Every application is given equal consideration, and if the
selection panel feel you meet all the essential requirements
contained in the Personnel Specification you will be shortlisted
and invited to the next stage of the selection process, which could
be a skill test, a presentation, a formal interview or a
combination of, or all of, these.

The checklist below will assist you in completing the
application form.

  • Applications should be made using the Council’s application
    form. E-mail applications and CVs will not be accepted (except as
    specified on the Equality Monitoring Information sheet).
  • Read the job description and personnel specification before you
    start to complete the application form.
  • Complete all parts of the application form. (If some parts do
    not apply to you write N/A or “Not applicable” in the spaces
    provided for your answer).
  • Use BLOCK CAPITALS and black ink or have it typed.
  • Make sure the information you provide is clear, precise and
    easily understood, and that it is aimed at the job for which you
    are applying.
  • Do not refer us to your current job description or say you can
    do the job and will give details at interview. On the application
    form we want to know precisely what you have done and when you did
  • We will not make any assumptions about you or your abilities –
    even if you already work for the Council.
  • Remember – if you do not tell us, we will not know!
  • Use extra sheets if you need to, but do not attach full CVs.
    State the Job Reference and Application Numbers only on each sheet,
    not your name.
  • Any relevant experience or skills and knowledge gained should
    be put down, even if gained through voluntary work/personal
  • Put down all qualifications, including those gained overseas,
    stating the date and grades/levels achieved. If essential
    qualifications are specified on the Personnel Specification we will
    check to see if yours are relevant and take them into account.
  • Check with your referees that they are happy for us to contact
    them before you include them on your application form. This saves
  • Take a copy of your form before returning it to us so that you
    have a record of what you have included for reference if you are
  • Make sure that you return your form to the address indicated on
    time – applications received after the closing date will not be
    considered. If there is an interview date mentioned in the
    advertisement – keep it free. We cannot promise to rearrange.

Canvassing members of the Council (either directly or
indirectly) for any appointment will disqualify your

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