Traps to catch “irresponsible” alcohol sellers

Under-18s are to be used in “sting” operations to
clampdown on those who sell alcohol to underage drinkers.

The young people are to be sent into a range of premises,
including off-licences and bars, with the aim of naming and shaming
“irresponsible vendors”. Those identified as selling to
underage drinkers could be in danger of losing their licence.

Government figures show that more than 3,300 11-15 year olds
were admitted to hospital in England as a result of alcohol related
problems in 2002-3. The primary diagnosis for 2,760 of them fell
under the category of “mental and behavioural disorders due to
alcohol”, while 562 experienced toxic effects.

The sting operations are part of the government’s latest
attempt to tackle alcohol related crime and disorder. They will
form part of a police-led campaign this summer, which also includes
seminars to inform the police and its key partners on the powers
available to tackle alcohol related disorder.

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