Friday 7 May 2004

By Amy Taylor, Clare Jerrom and Alex

‘Hopelessly naïve’ plan for
Carr’s release dropped

A secret plan for Maxine Carr’s release that involved her
living with her father in a village near her home town of Grimsby
has been dropped because it was “naïve”.
The plan was devised by a public protection panel led by probation
It proposed that Carr would be able to return to her normal life
quickly without being hassled, but Home Office officials have
stopped the scheme believing it underestimated the threat to
Source:- The Times Friday 7 May page 7
Call for charities to run some public

The Labour government should pass the running of some public
services to charities if it wins a third term in office, Alan
Milburn, the former secretary of state for health said
Milburn is advising Blair on Labour’s election
Source:- The Independent Friday 7 May page 2
Pervert must stay away from all children
A disabled man is the first person to be issued with a
Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) since the law took effect
last Saturday.
The order, which is designed to stop paedophiles, means that Kevin
Fisher is banned from all contact with children anywhere in
Source:- The Daily Mail Friday 7 May page 22
Victim ends hunger strike
A child abuse survivor has called off his 22 day hunger strike
protest against what he termed as the unfair and degrading
treatment of survivors who have sought compensation.
Tom Sweeny endured five years of physical and sexual abuse in
industrial schools in the 1960s.
He was making his protest on the steps of the Irish
Source:- The Guardian Friday 7 May page 11
Scottish newspapers
Urgent social work review after failings in abuse

Social work services across Scotland will face an urgent review in
the wake of two disturbing reports into the case of a woman who was
systematically abused while in the care of Scottish Borders
Minister for education and young people Peter Peacock promised
immediate and wide ranging action following the damning reports,
which revealed failings at every level in social work ad health
care services over a 30-year-period.
The reports, which uncovered abuse of three additional victims,
made 42 recommendations for the council, the health services,
police and the Scottish executive.
The recommendations call for a review of social work, a tougher
inspection regime, legislation to protect vulnerable people and
checks to establish whether any staff members involved were still
working in social services.
Source:- The Scotsman Friday 7 May
Reliance faces no financial penalty for mistaken release of

Reliance Security will face no penalties for mistakenly releasing
the teenage murderer James McCormick.
‘The Scotsman’ has learned that the contract between
the Scottish executive and the prison escort firm, which provides
the private firm with a margin of error for mistakenly releasing a
certain number of prisoners each year, makes no distinction between
the accidental release of minor and serious offenders.
Source:- The Scotsman Friday 7 May
Father falsely accused of abuse drops social work legal

A father who was falsely accused of sexually abusing his daughter
was yesterday forced to abandon a lawsuit against a social work
department, which investigated the claims.
Jim Fairlie launched a £250,000 legal action against the NHS
and Perth Council in 1995 claiming their actions had ruined his
life. Social workers became involved after psychiatrists used a
controversial therapy, which has since been discredited, to extract
memories from his daughter Katrina, who claimed he abused
Fairlie yesterday withdrew his case after he was told by lawyers
that even if he could prove his allegations, he would still not
have a case.
Source:- The Scotsman Friday 7 May
MSPs back controversial police powers bill
Plans to give police new powers to disperse groups of young people
have squeezed through the latest stage of their progress through
Scottish Parliament.
MSPs on the communities committee voted five against four to
approve the powers in the Antisocial Behaviour Bill despite
widespread opposition.
Source:- Evening News Thursday 6 May
Children’s hearings in the spotlight
The review of the children’s hearing system is set to be
discussed at a public meeting in Edinburgh next week.
Minister for Young People Peter Peacock will attend the meeting at
the festival theatre on Monday. The review aims to encourage
discussion on challenges facing the system.
Source:- Evening News Thursday 6 May
Anger as appeal judges cut child porn

Sexual abuse campaigners were outraged yesterday after a man
convicted of collecting thousands of images of child pornography
had his sentence reduced on appeal.
Judges at the court of appeal said sheriff Colin Miller failed to
take account of the effect that James McGaffney’s conviction
would have on his life. McGaffney lost his job at Paisley
University and had to move from his home in Ayrshire after his
crimes became known.
Lord Macfadyen and Lord McEwan said McGaffney should have been
given a lesser sentence for pleading guilty to the charges. He was
originally sentenced to 27 months, but jail terms totalling 18
months were substituted when his appeal was allowed. He will also
have to serve a two-year extension period under supervision.
Source:- The Herald Friday 7 May
Schools ask for refugee cash aid
The head of a secondary school in Glasgow urged the education
minister to provide more Scottish executive funding to support the
hundreds of asylum seeker children who are being educated in the
city’s schools.
Chris Nairn, headteacher at St Roch’s secondary school where
110 of the 800 pupils are from asylum seeking families, told Peter
Peacock that these people would be unable to fulfil their potential
without more support.
Source:- The Herald Friday 7 May 2004
Welsh newspapers
Stuck in hospital because there was no social

An 89-year-old woman had to stay in hospital for more than three
weeks after breaking her wrist because no social worker was
available to assess her needs.
Now the family of Olive Breakwell from Abergavenny say that they
fear many other older people are blocking NHS beds because of the
problem of finding social workers to carry out care
An investigation is now under way into the failure of Monmouthshire
social services to provide a care assessment.
Source:- South Wales Argus Thursday 6 May page 4
Damning diagnosis
A damning Audit Commission report into the state of the Welsh NHS
is calling for urgent and radical steps to improve services for
In a scathing overview of the problems within the Welsh NHS the
report highlights problems at the heart of the service within its
structure and management. The report also endorses ‘root and
branch’ reforms as outlined in the Wanless report on health
and social care published last year.
Source:- Western Mail Friday 7 May page 1
Plaid steps into Children’s Commissioner

Prime Minister Tony Blair is being urged to enter the row between
the Welsh children’s commissioner and children’s
minister Margaret Hodge.
Plaid Cymru’s Hywel Williams, MP for Caernarfon, has written
to Tony Blair highlighting the dispute between Peter Clarke and the
UK children’s minister.
Margaret Hodge has attacked the work of the commissioner accusing
him of losing sight of the bigger picture on child welfare in
Source:- Western Mail Friday 7 May page 2

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