Wednesday 19 May 2004

By Amy Taylor, Shirley Kumar, Clare Jerrom and Alex

Man who abused child on video escapes prison

A man who was caught on video swinging a young girl around his
head while holding her leg walked free yesterday.
Jamie Thompson was caught by a camera set up by the girl’s

Thompson, of South Wigston in Leicestershire, was served with a
community rehabilitation order on condition that he seeks treatment
for post traumatic stress disorder at Leicester Crown Court.

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 19 May page 5

Role for parents in child law change

The role of parents in safeguarding children is to be written
into the Children Bill after concern that the legislation leaves
out the family.
While some see the move as just recognition of parent’s role,
others see it as an opportunity to provide a check on the
states’ ability to act in families.

The Conservative peer Lord Lucus who pushed for the change said:
“Too often the easy solution is taking the child away from
the troubled family, rather than supporting the family. Where the
child might be in danger, fine, but there are many cases in which
the right answer is to work with the family.”

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 19 May page 6

Clash of Cultures

Margaret Hodge felt confident that the radical agenda for change
in children’s services would be widely applauded. But as
crossfire continues over the proposed new bill, David Brindle hears
how the minister is now setting a 10-year target to achieve her

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 19 May 2004 page

Benefit Trap

Private schools can currently claim the tax breaks of charitable
status, yet pressure groups can’t. Tash Shifrin reports on
whether the forthcoming charities bill will address this

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 19 May 2004 page

Age old conflict

Death threats have been issued over the building of much-needed
social housing for elderly people in Belfast. Laura Haydon reports
on a plan that has inflamed tensions across the city’s
notorious sectarian divide.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 19 May 2004 page

Mixed Emotions

Transracial fostering gained popularity in the 1950s when many
Africans came to Britain and paid for childcare while they studied.
But a new report reveals the unresolved cultural problems it has

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 19 May 2004 page

Scottish newspapers

Church’s attack on first minister

Jack McConnell’s address to the General Assembly yesterday
was overshadowed by opposition to his plans to crackdown on
antisocial behaviour.

McConnell became the first first minister to address the annual
assembly on the Mound in Edinburgh but this was overshadowed by
opposition to his high-profile crackdown on troublesome

Although McConnell was invited to watch the proceedings, he did
not stay long enough to hear a report from the Kirk’s church
and nations committee which criticised the use of electronic
tagging for under-16s, set out in the Antisocial Behaviour
(Scotland) Bill.
The first minister was also not present to hear repeated concerns
for the lack of funding for the Scottish youth justice system.

Source:- The Scotsman  Wednesday 19 May

Brain-damage woman wins £1m payout

A woman who suffered carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of a
faulty heater was yesterday awarded damages in an out of court

Hazel Brown was left with severe brain damage following the
poison gas accident in a local authority flat which claimed the
life of her boyfriend, Mark Taggerty.

Lawyers were seeking compensation of £3.5 million from
Fife Council at the Court of Session in Edinburgh. But negotiations
led to a £1 million plus agreement.

Source:- The Scotsman  Wednesday 19 May

Reliance under fire again as seventh prisoner goes

Reliance custodial services faced fresh criticism last night as
a seventh prisoner was mistakenly allowed to walk free from a
Scottish court.

Joseph Finnan was allowed to walk free from Hamilton Court where
he had been scheduled to make two separate court appearances

Seven prisoners have now been mistakenly released since Reliance
Security won a prisoner escort contract from the Scottish executive
two months ago.

Source:- The Scotsman  Wednesday 19 May

Home manager who assaulted woman, 92, walks

A nursing home manager who assaulted a 92-year-old woman with
Alzheimer’s disease walked free from court yesterday after it
emerged she had been “stressed” at the time of the

Susan Boyd lifted Annie Edgar from her wheelchair and put her on
the floor in Abbeyfield Nursing Home in Glasgow to clean up a bowl
of soup that the older woman had spilt in order to “teach her
a lesson”.

Alasdair Gillies defending Boyd said she had not acted
maliciously but had been suffering stress at the time and had
continued to undergo treatment.

Sheriff John Baird said Boyd should be admonished.

Source:- The Scotsman  Wednesday 19 May

Asylum seeker’s body found in flat

Police are investigating the death of a man, believed to be an
asylum seeker, after his body was found in a city flat.

The 27-year-old was found at an address in Glasgow used to house
asylum seekers. Police do not think the death is suspicious.
A report will be sent to the procurator fiscal.

Source:- The Scotsman  Wednesday 19 May

Welsh newspapers

‘People trafficking at Chinese

A Chinese takeaway in a Welsh seaside town is alleged to have
been the headquarters of a multi-million pound people smuggling
operation, a court was told.

Xing Cheng, a waiter at the Dragon Palace in Aberystwyth, is
believed to have banked more than £5 million in 20 months as
he collected final installments from Chinese people transported to
the UK.

Cheng and two other men deny conspiracy to assist illegal entry
into the country. The case is expected to continue for another
three days.

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 19 May page 1

Opposition parties attack Hutt’s ill health

Opposition parties in the Welsh assembly have attacked Health
minister, Jane Hutt’s policies, which they claim lack
direction and have resulted in the NHS in Wales being in a worse
state than England.

The attack came following an assembly debate on a highly
critical Audit Commission report that concluded that the NHS in
Wales was trapped in a “vicious circle” of
ineffectiveness and inefficiency.

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 19 May page 1

Move to help children break the cycle of domestic

A project aimed at breaking the cycle of domestic violence
within families is to be extended across south Wales.

NSPCC Cymru staff are working with child victims of domestic
violence who show signs of becoming aggressive or violent
themselves. The project, which evolved from the south Wales
Domestic Violence Prevention Service, will draw on Canadian
experience of working with children in such situations.

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 19 May page 2


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