Parents unsure where to get help for children’s drug problems

    Parents worried about their children’s drug use often feel
    “out of control” with little understanding about where
    to turn for help, according to Parentline Plus, writes
    Clare Jerrom.

    The helpline charity studied call thousands from parents and
    concluded that families can be marginalised and should be targeted
    with improved services. The study highlights parents as having a
    major role in preventing their children misusing drugs, but need
    lots of support.

    “The government’s initiatives aimed at tackling drugs
    misuse amongst young people are welcome, but our study indicates
    that parents are still bewildered and ill-informed when faced with
    evidence of their children’s drug taking, especially when
    such use is associated with multiple problems,” said Jan Fry,
    head of external relations at Parentline Plus and author of the

    The charity calls for early interventions and education to be
    provided to parents before their child comes into contact with
    drugs. Fathers should also be more actively involved to help give
    their children preventative messages early on.

    There should also be more family support services on the ground
    with investment, delivering parenting skills-building generally and
    not just around issues such as drugs and sex education.

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