Disability campaigner demands action to help ethnic minorities left on margins

    Disabled people from ethnic minorities are being excluded from
    services, according to the Greater London Action on Disability
    Count Us In project manager.

    Jimmy Telesford told a workshop on how to include ethnic minorities
    within the disability movement that their exclusion was a “passive
    form” of institutionalised racism.

    “The first and most uncomfortable thing I discovered is that there
    are lots of disabled people from ethnic minorities living on the
    margins of things,” he said. “These groups aren’t hard to reach.
    They are excluded.”

    Telesford added that, among professionals, there were still
    negative attitudes towards disabled people from ethnic minorities
    accessing services, especially in mental health provision.

    “There’s an assumption that they can do things for themselves so
    they don’t really need services,” he said.

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