Head teachers’ leader lambasts today’s parents

Parents have been accused by the leader of the head
teachers’ union of not sending their children to school with
the right social skills.

David Hart, general secretary of the National Association of
Head Teachers, also accused parents of using TV and computer games
as “free babysitters” instead of ensuring homework was done, for
causing obesity by feeding children “an atrocious diet” and for
condoning truancy, and thereby condemning their children to a life
of crime.

Hart delivered the broadside against parents at the
association’s annual conference. He said: “It is the attitude
of these families who know all about rights but precious little
about responsibilities that has to change.”

He said school staff were not social workers or surrogate
parents and “should not be expected to waste valuable teaching time
doing the job that should have been done before the child sets foot
in the school”.

His comments were criticised by parents organisations.

The charity Parentline Plus said it was saddened by the remarks
which would “undo much excellent work between many schools and
parents to build trust and work in partnership to the benefit of

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