Scotland steps back from routine tagging of offenders under 16 years old

Plans to allow all offenders aged 16 and below to be
electronically tagged have been removed from the Antisocial
behaviour etc (Scotland) bill but less far reaching proposals still
remain, writes Amy Taylor.

The bill, which reaches its third stage next week, still allows
offenders aged 16 and under to be tagged if it is part of a package
of measures awarded as an alternative to sending them to
residential accommodation where this is seen as more

At the moment tagging can only happen to offenders aged 16 and over
in Scotland.

The Scottish Executive is also discussing 11th hour changes to
other parts of the bill in order to ensure they receive enough
support from MEPs.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats are currently working towards a
compromise on proposals that empower police to disperse groups of
two or more young people.

Donald Gorrie, the MSP representing the Liberal Democrats in the
discussions, said that he anticipated they would reach an agreement
and come up with proposals that were agreeable to both

Bill Aitken, a Conservative MSP, said that he only expected the
proposals to be slightly changed.

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