Stalker who targeted social workers faces life sentence

    A man who subjected social workers, health professionals and
    councillors to a seven-year campaign of hate crimes because he
    believed they were desperate to section him is expected to receive
    a life sentence, writes Sally

    Richard Jan, 37, branded health and social care professionals a
    “fascist horde” after they were called in to
    investigate his mental health after a fight at his parent’s
    home in 1996.

    He made 4,500 crank phone calls, sent 211 threatening letters and,
    slashed car tyres and firebombed a councillor’s home.

    Social worker Shauna Bailey, who was among those he targeted, was
    twice attacked by Jan and has not worked since.

    Judge Henry Blacksell QC, at the Old Bailey, said Jan was
    “mentally unstable” but added: “The absence of a
    medical recommendation allowing me to detain you indefinitely under
    the Mental Health Act will mean inevitable life

    Speaking outside court DCI David Poole said: “There has never
    been a case like this before. It is fair to say he is undoubtedly
    Britain’s worst stalker. He is a very dangerous individual
    who seven-year campaign has ruined lives.”

    A nurse who worked at West London Mental Health Trust, which dealt
    with Jan, said colleagues were targeted by Jan and she was
    “very pleased” at the expected sentence.

    Jan is expected to be sentenced next month.

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