Vulnerable parents get £11 million support from the Scottish Executive

First minister Jack McConnell launched a new parenting education
project this week aimed at reducing the likelihood of children of
vulnerable parents in Scotland becoming involved in youth crime,
writes Maggie Wood.

The Aberlour National Parenting Project will receive £11
million funding from the Scottish Executive’s youth crime
prevention fund for over four years.

The Aberlour project will focus on parents who have problems such
as drug abuse or who experience domestic violence or mental
illness. Funding will be available for a range of voluntary sector
projects across Scotland.

Speaking at the launch of the project in Edinburgh, McConnell said
that helping parents to deal with these pressures will help reduce
truancy and antisocial behaviour. He added that it will also help
youngsters achieve more, build confidence and ambition.

Romy Langeland, chief executive of Aberlour said struggling parents
were looking for ways to improve. “They welcome the right
package of parenting support that helps to ensure that their own
problems do not prevent them from providing the best possible start
for their children.”

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