Home Office performs U-turn on asylum support policy

The government has announced a climb-down on its policy of
denying asylum seekers support unless they make their claim as soon
as reasonably practicable, writes Amy

Under the revised approach, which comes into force next week, the
National Asylum Support Service will provide support to asylum
seekers unless its is satisfied that they  have an alternative
source of help available to them.

The new procedure for implementing Section 55 of the Nationality,
Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 will apply to asylum seekers even
if they do not claim asylum immediately.

The decision comes after the government lost its appeal against
three High Court rulings that Section 55 breached asylum seekers
human rights in May.

Interviewing and decision making under Section 55 has been
suspended since the Court of Appeal judgement and all the asylum
seekers affected have been provided with emergency support.

The government is considering challenging the ruling in the House
of Lords at a later date.

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