Union seeks end to false abuse claims.

    Members of Unison this week voted to introduce a policy to help
    workers falsely accused of abuse, arguing it was “disgraceful” that
    the public sector union did not already have such a policy.

    Billy Ludden, a worker in a children’s home, said staff were
    “attacked on almost a weekly basis and verbal abuse was

    He told the union’s annual local government conference that many
    children were well aware of how to get “rid” of a member of staff
    and support for workers falsely accused was often lacking. “We want
    Unison to do something to support our members. It is disgraceful we
    do not have a policy. We want one and we want it now,” said

    Earlier, Anthea Wellington of Cymru Wales branch, said she wanted a
    campaign to raise awareness of violence in the social care field,
    saying there was a growing reluctance among workers to report
    assaults on them by service users because they wanted to protect

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