Children’s need for green play space

Children are losing touch with nature to their detriment, claims
a new study.

The think tank Demos warns that children are losing their
connection with the natural environment, and points to a big gap
between children from affluent rural backgrounds and those from
disadvantaged urban backgrounds in terms of their access to the

The worse a local environment looks, the less able children are
to play freely and develop the understanding that will equip them
to face the environmental challenges of the future.

Children’s well-being, and the quality of the environment
are closely linked, and children are very strongly aware of their
environment, especially in terms of assessing danger.

Demos is calling for new ways to allow children to experience
green spaces, both in the countryside and through “green school

It recommends that the Department for Education and Skills
creates an entitlement to out-of-classroom learning for all
children. It suggests extended schools should be monitored on the
basis of the number of trips they offer children.

A Child’s Place: why environment matters to
A Green Alliance/Demos report.

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