Thursday 15 July 2004

    By Clare Jerrom, Lauren Revans and Alex Dobson

    Experiment aims at bringing dignity to deportation

    Police in Southwark, south-east London, are trying to improve the
    conditions for failed asylum seekers awaiting deportation.

    In April, the Metropolitan Police Authority raised concerns that
    some detainees were being treated worse than criminals.

    As a result, officers at Southwark have allocated one of their
    stations for the specific use of immigration detainees.

    Chief Superintendent Ian Thomas said the scheme meant detainees had
    a better quality of life while awaiting deportation.

    Source:- The Guardian  Thursday 15 July page 14

    Net porn shame of Eton master

    An Eton College master who admitted downloading 2,000 images of
    boys from the internet escaped a jail sentence yesterday.

    Ian McAuslan faced a prison term of up to 10 years for keeping the
    pictures, which included two images of boys having sex with adults,
    on his computer.

    But a judge gave him a nine-month term suspended for two years
    after taking into account his “unblemished”

    Source:- Daily Mail  Thursday 15 July page 21

    Soaps told to curb sex and violence to protect

    Young television viewers should have greater protection from scenes
    of sex and violence, television bosses have been warned.

    The comments from watchdog Ofcom came following concerns that
    broadcasters are exploiting guidelines by showing programmes with
    an adult theme before the 9pm watershed.

    Ofcom yesterday published proposals which would place the
    protection of children from watching harmful programmes at the
    heart of the regulations.

    Source:- Daily Mail  Thursday 15 July page 30

    Councils ‘will find pay deal difficult’

    Local government leaders have warned that the pay deal for 1.3
    million council workers agreed this week will be difficult to

    The settlement is worth 8.9 per cent over three years and is tied
    to a package of reforms including reviews of pay and conditions and
    a replacement of prescriptive premium rates for overtime.

    Source:- Financial Times Thursday 15 July page 6

    Treasury says efficiency goal is hard but achievable

    Senior Treasury officials have insisted that that the
    chancellor’s promise of £21.5 billion of savings in the
    public sector is “stretching” but “not

    But independent experts have questioned the probability of the
    promised savings being delivered, pointing out that previous
    efficiency drives which identified smaller savings failed to
    deliver more than half of what they had promised.

    Source:- Financial Times Thursday 15 July page 7

    Scottish newspapers

    BNP members admit race crimes on secret film

    British National Party activists have confessed to racially
    motivated crimes in an under-cover documentary broadcast last

    BNP leader Nick Griffin condemned Islam as a “vicious, wicked
    faith” and claimed he would face seven years in prison if he
    made the comments in public.

    A BBC reporter, who spent six months undercover with the BNP, found
    that another member of the party, Steve Barkham, confessing to
    taking part in a racially motivated attack on an Asian man during
    the 2001 Bradford riots.

    Source:- The Herald  Thursday 15 July

    Hundreds in protest over council unit for homeless

    A local community’s concerns about a homeless unit were
    discussed at a public meeting in North Lanarkshire last

    Residents believe the residential unit in the Kirkwood area of
    Coatbridge, run by North Lanarkshire Council, has been a danger to
    the community since it opened in 1996.

    The fears over the unit, which provides temporary accommodation for
    23 people in self-contained flats, were exacerbated following the
    alleged indecent assault of a two-year-old by a man believed to be
    a resident there.

    James Campbell appeared at Airdrie Sheriff Court on petition
    charged with the abduction, assault and attempted rape of the child
    near the home last Saturday.

    Source:- The Herald  Thursday 15 July

    Drugs crime-wave hits small town

    Drugs crime is soaring in Scotland’s small towns and country

    According to Scottish executive figures, there has been a rise in
    all offences relating to dealing and possession of drugs across
    much of the country. However, the most dramatic rises over the last
    five years have been found outside Scotland’s inner

    West Dunbartonshire saw the highest rise in drug offences. The
    total there has more than doubled in five years to 1,115 offences
    last year.

    Source:- Daily Record  Thursday 15 July page 2

    Welsh newspapers

    Autumn NHS crisis fear

    Vital GP cover could be lost in the autumn with potentially
    catastrophic effects on demand for acute beds, British Medical
    Association leaders have warned.

    Many family doctors, who currently provide cover at community
    hospitals, intend to stop in September unless national agreements
    can be reached on pay and other issues.

    Source:- South Wales Argus Wednesday 14 July page 6

    Worker in care home locked up

    A care worker employed at a residential unit in Gwent has been
    jailed for nine months after being found guilty of downloading
    indecent pictures of children from the internet.

    The images found in David Blannin’s possession contained
    material that showed ‘children of an exceptionally tender age
    being abused’, according to a judge at Cardiff Crown

    Source:- South Wales Argus Wednesday 14 July page 7

    Heart patient’s 10-mile trek

    A 68-year-old man was forced to walk almost 10 miles for a cardiac
    appointment after his nearest surgery closed.

    John Luckhurst, who lives near Aberystwyth, said the closure of his
    branch surgery, together with other closures across rural Wales, is
    having a detrimental effect on older people who do not have

    Source:- Western Mail Thursday 15 July page 11


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